Sun Dial  51.3861°, 1.3520°   (2021)
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Ongoing speculation informs that the Sunken Garden conceals at its core the ruins of an ancient star observatory. Within its foundation lies structured stone formations of unknown origin, recognised to have accurately charted the orbits of the stars and constellations. As Earth rotates through denser and more energetic regions of the wider heliosphere, it is also told that the Sunken Garden’s current position in relation to the sun beckons a renewed influx of interplanetary energy affecting the fabric of a since dormant celestial gate. Through this celestial gate the Sunken Garden has previously provided an entry point through to other earthbound space-time loci as well as neighbouring celestial systems. Expanding on an ongoing sonic cosmology, ‘Sun Dial’ is a sonic meditation considering the Sunken Garden’s history as a long forgotten astronomical site.

Sun Dial is presented here as a two part call and response as an acknowledgement of the Mekweh people who once used call and response to weaken further the interplanetary fabric. It is told they called upon their ancestors through sound during a time of great upheaval and a pathway was created for their safety. That pathway opened up here, the Sunken Garden. Part A imagines the call, Part B the moment of opening and journeying through. Marooned temporally, it is believed they continue to travel in this way.*

*The sounds included here are, more generally, inspired by the Sunken Garden. From the plant cycles, to the salt winds and those sub booms heard, and felt, periodically from the distance.

**Please listen with headphones for best experience.


Sunken plurhythms.
Displaced rotations,
Sub-tle shifts.
Oscillations warp fabric of space-time.
Subfrequencies apparate pathways for travel.
Resonance as ancestral communication.

PART A: 9m 36s
PART B: 10m 21s

Originally commissioned as part of Sunken Ecologies, Margate now.